Ep. #9

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/2/1987
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Eric asks Stephanie to try to get along with Kristen for the sake of the wedding. He hopes that they can all attend together. Caroline goes looking for Ridge at Forrester Creations as they had made plans to eat but runs into Thorne instead. Caroline becomes angry with Thorne when he suggests that Ridge has stood Caroline up to be with another woman. Caroline tries on her wedding dress that Eric has designed and dreams about the ceremony. Thinking about his conversation with Caroline, Bill realises that his daughter is happy and leaves a message with Conway that he no longer requires his services. Conway, however, is busy following Ridge as he meets up with an old flame named Alex Simpson. Alex tells Ridge that she has flown in from Paris to stop him marrying Caroline. Ridge ends up in bed with Alex in her hotel room as Conway takes photographs.