Ep. #8

Season 1, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/1/1987
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Brooke tells Beth about Dave‘s proposal. Beth asks Brooke on what she really wants, but Brooke is unsure. Beth wonders if Brooke should really just concentrate on her studies. Dave later comes by and Brooke comes across Ridge and Caroline‘s wedding annoucement in the newspaper. Brooke tells Dave how the Forrester family have the kind of life that she dreams of. Margo thinks about Ridge and then decides that she has to tell him what‘s on her mind. Margo asks Ridge not to marry Caroline. Margo says that Caroline doesn‘t deserve to go through the same pain that she herself did. Bill notices how excited Caroline is about her wedding. He reminds Caroline of her promise that she made to her mother, Marion, before her death. Caroline assures Bill that Ridge respects her choices to remain a virgin until she is married.