Ep. #42

Season 1, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 5/19/1987
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Storm yells at Donna for leaving Katie at home alone. Brooke asks Storm to go easy on Donna as she does have her own life and isn‘t a babysitter. Donna heads off to the library and meets with Mark. Donna takes him up on his offer for them to be together. Stephanie has breakfast with Ridge and Thorne. Ridge talks of how he is slowly winning Caroline back. Thorne talks about how Caroline needs a job, but Ridge says that she won‘t once she is his wife. Stephanie notices Thorne‘s anger towards Ridge and later tells Thorne to stay out of Ridge and Caroline‘s relationship. Thorne tells his mother that he loves Caroline and the choice will be Caroline‘s to make. Eric goes into the office at the weekend and is surprised to find Margo there. They work on some designs, and Margo later admits to herself that she is in love with Eric.