Ep. #37

Season 1, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 5/12/1987
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Storm asks Brooke if she and Dave have set a date for their wedding. Brooke later gets a call from Dave and he suggests they marry in the Autumn. Storm questions Brooke on if she really wants to get married. Brooke and Storm wonder where Beth is and realise that she must have accepted the job at the Forrester party. Storm suggests Beth knew Eric a little more than she ever let on. Eric and Stephanie talk to the buyers at the business party. Ridge and Thorne stand off to the side with Kristen. Stephanie makes a point of embarrasing Margo by refering to her as the secretary. Eric hints to Kristen about her becoming part of the fold and working along side the family. Beth hides her face when Eric comes over to get a Brandy, but he realises that he recognises her. Beth quickly leaves before he is able to identify her.