Ep. #35

Season 1, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 5/8/1987
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Donna goes to Griffey‘s with Mark and they sit making out as Rocco watches with insane jealously. Mark asks Donna if she would like to officially date him and she seems happy with the idea. Ridge tells Caroline that he loves her and needs her. Ridge adds that she is the only person that he has ever wanted a future with. Caroline wears the ring but tells Ridge that she can‘t make him any promises. Eric invites Margo to the party at the Forrester home. Margo wonders if Stephanie will be angered by her being there, but Eric says that he needs Margo there for Kristen. Unsure on what he means, Eric explains that he would like Margo to introduce Kristen into the business as he wants his daughter working with him.