Ep. #33

Season 1, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 5/6/1987
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Margo is angry with Ridge when he snaps at her infront of some employees. Margo suggests that he is just in a foul mood because of Caroline, which Margo is obviously jealous of. The tension between them grows and an argument about nothing erupts. Ridge learns that Bill kissed Margo when she lets it slip. Thorne brings some food by for Caroline and cooks her a meal. Caroline is glad that he is there for her as a friend. Stephanie begins planning her party and orders a menu from Logan Catering Services. Bill asks Stephanie to come over and he tells her of his concerns for Caroline. They begin bickering when Bill insults Ridge. Stephanie advises Bill to take a step back from Caroline as he seems to be using her as some sort of replacement for his dead wife.