Ep. #24

Season 1, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/23/1987
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Eric is concerned on where Ridge is as he hasn‘t heard from him. Eric manages to locate Ridge and tries to reach out to his son. Ridge tells Eric how he cheated on Caroline and now she has moved away. Eric advises Ridge to find Caroline. Bill is feeling down that Caroline has gone. Bill meets with Margo to see if she has heard from Caroline. Margo tells Bill that she supports Caroline‘s choice to leave and take on the world independantly. Kristen gets annoyed when she and Stephanie get into another argument. Kristen feels that they will always clash and that she would be better off in New York. Caroline dines alone in a restaurant downtown. A stranger from Detroit chats with her but she declines his advances. He later beats Caroline and steals her purse. Caroline calls Kristen begging for help.