Ep. #18

Season 1, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/15/1987
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Kristen is concerned on why Caroline collapsed. Kristen suggests to Bill that Caroline may have been exhausted from all the preparation and excitement before the wedding. Eric asks Margo if Caroline had said anything to her. Margo doesn‘t tell Eric the truth and pretends she doesn‘t know anything. Stephanie supports Bill when he heads over to the hospital to be with his daughter. Ridge tries to explain himself to Caroline but she isn‘t interested, she asks him to leave her alone. Ridge bumps into Bill outside Caroline‘s room and Ridge shouts some abuse at Bill. Caroline hears them arguing and tells them both to get out of her life. Brooke hears about the drama at the Forrester wedding on television and she asks Donna to go with her to hospital to try and sneak a peak at the Forrester family.