Ep. #151

Season 1, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 10/19/1987
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Ridge admits to Stephanie that he‘s happy to hear that Bridget is free of that slimeball Deacon. He points out that Forrester is being run by amateurs and everyone knows it. Ridge explains that once Forrester is shut down, Eric can finally be free of Brooke. C.J. warns Sally that there‘s no way he‘s going to work for her as long as Ridge is running Spectra. Sally assures C.J. that Brooke and Thorne are about to get what‘s coming to them, and Sally wants C.J. there to see it. C.J. insists that Ridge is just using Sally, but Sally is sure that Spectra is going to flatten Forrester before they know what hit them. Eric informs Brooke that Ridge convinced all their distributors to replace their line with his. Rick wants to talk to the people at Telesave, a cable shopping channel, but Eric refuses to ruin the Forrester reputation. Brooke heads out to confront Ridge, but Rick worries that if she goes in with the wrong attitude, she could make things even worse. Brooke begs Ridge not to rob her children, especially her new baby, of their legacy. Ridge asks if Brooke thought of his children when she fired him. Ridge is sorry that it‘s come to this, but Sally joins them and says that she‘s been waiting for this moment for years.