Ep. #13

Season 1, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/8/1987
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Brooke looks over the newspaper article again about Ridge and Caroline‘s engagement. Brooke recalls how Beth had once said that she attended college with Eric, although she never knew him. Beth leaves with an unhappy expression on her face. Dave later comes by and asks whether Brooke has made a decision on his proposal. Brooke tells Dave that she has decided that she will play a decoy in order to catch her attackers, but when they go on a stake out, Brooke attracts the wrong men. Scared to death, she decides to drop the whole thing. Bill shows Margo the photograph of Ridge in bed with Alex and he wonders how he will tell Caroline. Bill asks Margo to go with him to the engagement party that evening. Stephanie sees them arrive together. Margo is annoyed when Stephanie begins thinking that Margo and Bill are a couple. Eric is thrilled that Kristen is home, he suggests that she move back to Los Angeles. Bill later corners Ridge and orders him to meet with him after the party.