Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/7/2013
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From NBC: The FBI is on the hunt for a high-ranking Chinese spy, Wujing (guest star Chin Han) which Red (James Spader) claims has hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission. Liz, (Megan Boone) posing as an FBI cryptographer goes with Red to decode the message while protecting US government secrets. Meanwhile, Liz proactively investigates Tom (Ryan Eggold).

‘The Blacklist‘ Recap: Spies, Lies and Family Ties

Greetings, fellow TV watchers! I will be filling in on this week‘s recap of The Blacklist as we continue to try and unearth the mysteries surrounding criminal mastermind Red Reddington and his intriguing (yet borderline creepy) obsession with Agent Elizabeth Keen. Much like the previous two episodes, "Wujing" centers around someone on Reddington‘s blacklist (though, at this point, I‘m tempted to just call it a hit list given the fact that everyone on it seems to wind up dead). This time, it‘s involving a high-level Chinese spy who Reddington‘s been helping to decode CIA transmissions. Because
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