Episode 6

Season 14, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 2/4/2013
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‘The Biggest Loser‘ Recap: Dicey Twists on the Scale

This week begins with a twist. Well, all weeks begin with a twist, don‘t they?! The contestants walk into the gym and see their pictures from week one plastered on rotating die. At the end of the week, the die will be rolled and only one person‘s weight from each team will count on the scale. Danni is the only remaining member of the white team, so her position remains the same. It‘s up to everyone else to work as if their name will be called and carry their team to victory. Facing FearsGina immediately declares that she hopes it isn‘t up to her to carry the blue team. Bob rolls his eyes. Alison points out the eye roll, and Gina bursts into tears. This starting to become their routine. Gina starts yelling at Bob for being too hard on her. Bob bites back and tells her that she needs to be able to handle pressure. Once Bob talks to her alone outside, we learn that Gina‘s weight issues stem from fear. Fear of letting people down, fear of showing her true self, etc. Fear is what‘s holding her back, and has been her entire life. Bob lets her know that she needs to face her fears, or she will be consumed by them. Cue inspirational background music, and Gina is starting to get it.
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