Episode 10

Season 14, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 3/4/2013
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‘The Biggest Loser‘ Recap: It‘s Makeover Week!

We made it, everyone! It‘s the best episode of the season. We get to see the remaining five contests get all cleaned up and made up in their new bodies. Tim Gunn is all over the fashion and Ken Paves will be in charge of hair. The kids are here too! Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny get makeovers too. Well deserved, I‘d say. These kids have made the season so much better than the seasons past.The Gunn ShowTim Gunn picks out the most perfect items for each contestant (I mean, duh. He‘s a pro), but it‘s amazing how clearly he sees each one of them. He takes the right risks in fashion and some of them try on some really bold styles. They‘re used to hiding behind ill-fitting fabric and being uncomfortable. It‘s great to see them step into smaller sizes because once they get in front of that mirror, you can actually see the confidence growing inside of them.
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