Season 12 Premiere: Battle of the Ages

Season 12, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/20/2011
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The ‘Biggest Loser‘ Battle of the Ages Begins

It‘s back! The Biggest Loser is back! We‘re stomping out obesity! By "we" I mean Anna Kournikova. Did you see how skinny she was in last season‘s finale? I don‘t know about that. First thing‘s first: let‘s meet these people and see some truly embarrassing shots of them eating burgers and ice cream and pizza. Courtney is first, and she is definitely going to be sexy-hot at the end of this journey. Joe has earned the nickname "Daddy Joe," but is that because he‘s overweight? Becky is doing this for her father and her children, to set a positive example. Is it just me or are the contestants less overweight this season? I‘ve become desensitized to obesity.
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