Episode 9

Season 12, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/15/2011
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‘The Biggest Loser‘ Recap: Five Uneventful Events

The contestants enter a room with Alison and some sort of medical/hospital looking half shower curtain. She tells them they will be competing in a pentathalon. Give me a break, Alison, that is not a real thing. One of the events is "brains." And this week, they‘re going it alone as singles! Ramon is excited, and John is probably excited because he doesn‘t have Bonnie dragging him down. They will be playing for points in the pentathalon. The player with the most points at the end of the week will win immunity, and the person who comes in last will win a 1 pound disadvantage. That person will almost certainly be Bonnie, right? Oh, except the first competition is "merit," in which the players rank each other according to who they think most deserves to be The Biggest Loser. What. Ever. The results will be revealed at the weigh-in.
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