Episode 7

Season 12, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/1/2011
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‘The Biggest Loser‘ Recap: Everybody Hates Anna

Halloween happened, did you eat your average of 24 pounds of candy? I might have! But this week, it‘s all about new teams! New trainers! New drama, ohhh buhh-rother. What right does Anna have to call Ramon and Jessica out on their relationship? We‘ll get to that. Anyway, Alison tells them that it‘s time to don the age shirts they wore in the desert once again. Basically, we have to keep Anna Kournikova around but it can‘t happen with Bonnie and Becky. Joe swears he will fight for the chance to choose his own destiny. Everyone is worried about a trainer shake-up, except Bonnie, who just doesn‘t care much for the desert. Alison has them line up according to age again, then separate into groups of three. The groups are mostly the same, except Joe gets lumped with old Becky and Bonnie. But wait, Joe, these are not the teams! They‘ll be picking teams.
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