Season 10, Episode 7

Season 10, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/2/2010
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USA! ‘The Biggest Loser‘ Works Out with the Marines

Alison announces to the contestants that we‘re at the halfway point, but of course, things will get crazier. It‘s going to be "an all out war," meaning that the Marines are coming in! For some reason, Alison grimaced as they came in, and I imagine it‘s been a long day for her already. Frado is delighted to see the Marines because he joined the Marine Corps at 17 (he also learned the truth at seventeen . . .). I will be playing the Biggest Loser Workout Game along with tonight‘s episode so I‘ve already eaten a piece of Halloween candy for Alison phoning it in (but it fell on the floor after I unwrapped it. Damn.)
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