Week 1 (Season 7)

Season 7, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 5/23/2011
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The premiere, "Episode 701," begins with a huge surprise as Ashley discloses she already knows one of the men, someone a former "Bachelor" cast member has warned her is here for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Ashley‘s old insecurity returns when she reveals to Chris Harrison that she fears the men will be disappointed when they learn she is the Bachelorette. The 25 eligible guys start arriving, eager to make an impression, including a handsome chef who steals a kiss; a Wall St. banker who brings her a pair of ballet tickets; a winery owner who pours her a bottle of her own special vintage, and a former professional baseball player who recites a poem he wrote for her. But nothing tops the mysterious bachelor who steps out of the limo wearing a mask. Finally, the man Ashley has been warned about arrives; though skeptical, she is thrown by his good looks and quiet charm.

‘The Bachelorette‘ Season 7 Premiere Recap: The Man in the Moronic Mask

WE‘RE BACK-elorette!Did you miss me? More importantly, did you miss Ashley, our spunky, second-guessing dentist who broke Brad‘s heart, "badly," when she wouldn‘t "come here, to him, please" emotionally? Actually, scratch that: It‘s not important whether you missed her or not, because Ashley‘s here to stay all season long, and we all know the real reason we watch isn‘t because we like or don‘t like the Bachelor(ette). Brad‘s ratings made that clear enough. It‘s to see the parade of potential suitors who will jump over each other, the boundaries of human dignity and the shark to get that final rose.
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