Week 1 (Season 2)

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/14/2004
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It‘s our second Bachelorette, Meredith!We begin our journey by getting to know Meredith much better than we ever did on The Bachelor. Meredith explains that being let go by Bob was the best thing that could have happened, because she now has the chance to let the real Meredith shine through. Meredith admits that she‘s very nervous and excited, and never thought she would be The Bachelorette.It‘s then time for Meredith to meet the men vying for her heart. The men arrive, and Rick, the second Bachelor out, tells Meredith he has a present for her, which he‘ll give to her later. Not to be out-done, Harold arrives with a hockey jersey as a gift. Once all of the guys are in the house, it‘s clear to Meredith that she‘s in for a tough time.Meredith enters the party and thanks all the men for coming out to meet her. After spending time with a lot of the guys, Rick finally gets a moment to take Meredith aside and give her his present — a pair of slippers. The gift-giving continues, with Mered