Week Seven (S6)

Season 6, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/10/2004
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ABC Press Release:""EPISODE 607"" - Byron has narrowed the field to the final three women (Cynthia, Mary, and Tanya), and they each take him home to give him a look at their varied single lifestyles and to meet their friends. And for the first time ever, the Bachelor will meet an ex-boyfriend of one of the women. But this is high stakes time, and the women really put the pressure on Byron to be ""the one.""

‘Bachelorette-Bites‘: He Said, She Said, We Sigh

Tonight on a very special episode of The Bachelorette, the producers proved what we‘ve known all along: This show doesn‘t need to be two hours long. After gracefully cramming Ali‘s sleep-inducing (oh, excuse me, "fairytale") adventures into about an hour--more like 40 minutes if you don‘t count commercials and gratuitous teasers--The Bachelorette and Chris Harrison treated us to that much-anticipated Jake and Vienna interview, in the same way that John Wilkes Booth "treated" Abraham Lincoln to a bullet in the head, or the Cloverfield monster "treated" New York to the bottoms of its monster-feet. But worse: "Wait, before you bash my head in with your big, nasty monster feet, can you please define the word ‘undermine‘ and then talk about the merits of various bedroom furniture organizational methods, please, oh please, Mr. Cloverfield monster?" And the Cloverfield monster is like, "DON"T INTERRUPT ME!" and then stomps. What a treat for EVERYONE!
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