Episode 8

Season 17, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 2/18/2013
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‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: Traumaculate Hometown Dates

Buckle your seat belt, pull down the lock bar, put on a helmet and don‘t blow off your hands, because we‘re in for a wild, firework-filled ride on The Bachelor. As Sean Lowe heads off to meet the families of his future bride and three other chicks, we‘re promised post-Tierra drama that will make us forget that crazy gal was ever on the show.The Bachelor Family Blogs: Reality Stars Call Tierra Immature >>>Sure, there have been awkward hometown dates before (and yet Jake still picked Vienna), but I don‘t recall three out of four offering potential deal breakers. Lindsay‘s dad is a two-star general, Catherine‘s sisters are crazy giggling pessimists and Desiree has not one, but two crazy guys gunning for Sean. Or does she?
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