Episode 6

Season 17, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 2/5/2013
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‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: The Chronicles of Tierra

The two-night Bachelor saga comes to an end Tuesday, with action so wild and drama so intense that it couldn‘t possibly wait until next week. Naturally, the show will be all about Tierra and not Sean‘s quest for love. The season‘s most hated suitor continues to live under the skins of the other women, who repeatedly allow themselves to get sucked by her antics.She may be the best ever at employing the isolationist strategy, probably because she‘s the hottest one yet (every female reader just thought "Oh my God! Tierra is NOT hot!" Might have even said it out loud with a little fist shake. It‘s because women associate personality with looks, while men usually do not). The plan is working brilliantly so far, with all the other girls distracted so much that they look like the drama queens while Tierra slides by appearing to be the only one actually looking for love with Sean. It‘ll get worse once they all confront him about it, too.
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