Episode 2

Season 17, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 1/14/2013
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‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: Freefalling Hearts

I‘m not quite sure how you spell "Rawwrrrr" (the sound a cat makes when you accidentally step on it), but it‘s apparently never too early for the claws to come out on The Bachelor. Last week, Sean narrowed down his search for love from 26 catty, conniving women to 19 dignified, well-intentioned keepers. Ha! Yeah, right, like all the crazy left with the Fifty Shades of Grey chick.Deleted Scene: Lauren and Catherine are Hungry for Sean >>>We‘re still just getting to know who these lucky ladies are, and 19 is a lot of different personalities to keep straight. So for the time being, we‘ll try and incorporate some descriptions to help you remember which gal is which.
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