Episode 9

Season 16, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 2/27/2012
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‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: Lip Lockin‘ in Interlaken

Hey Bachelor fans! Fans? Can we call ourselves that anymore? I‘ll be honest: I‘ve been watching this season of The Bachelor with about as much investment as Ben--little to none! While Meghan is in Belize this week, cleaning all the roses out of the ocean, I‘ll be recapping tonight‘s Fantasy Suite episode. I thought for sure it would be Courtney and Kacie B in the final two, but last week Ben sent Kacie B back into the Disney Vault. I have an obvious theory about why: Ben wants to get laid as much as possible. He knew that Fantasy Suite dates were coming up, and Kacie B‘s father (Mr. B) ruined everything with his strict morals and prohibition-era take on sins of the flesh. It‘s a shame, too, because I think he really liked that giggly little girl. But tonight is the night when two become one, and one, and one; and Ben wants a WOMAN.
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