Episode 8

Season 16, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 2/20/2012
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‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: Homeward Bound and Gagged

Ben‘s been going through the motions all season, and this week, someone finally calls him on it, kinda. Thank goodness for protective parents. Too bad Kacie‘s dad couldn‘t convince his daughter not to participate in this lady-auction in the first place. Of course, the ultimate irony (wait, is that the right word? or is the right word "stupidity"?) of this week is that this is when things are supposed to get SERIOUS and every single conversation turns to MARRIAGE, and yet Ben has clearly never been seriously interested in marrying anyone here, except maybe for Courtney -- the only contestant deluded or insane or manipulative enough to stage a fake wedding as part of her hometown date, thereby further bastardizing, mocking and diluting the already bastardized, diluted mockery of marriage that IS
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