Episode 5

Season 16, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 1/30/2012
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‘The Bachelor‘: A Post-Recap Rant on Why Ben‘s the Worst ‘Bachelor‘ (and Some Bonus Videos)

I‘m not one to just come out and declare an opinion (HA, yes I am), but after five weeks, I feel as comfortable and confident saying this as Courtney the Model feels saying anything: I‘ve seen a whole lotta Bachelors in my day. And Ben is the worst Bachelor. Definitively, the WORST. All the fancy dates and exotic locations in the world can‘t hide how detached and disinterested he is in everything and everyone (besides Courtney). He says the right things sometimes, but with zero passion, creativity or conviction. He‘s a man on autopilot, and the only reason these women (besides Courtney) are interested in him is because they‘ve been conditioned to. It‘s extremely easy for them to project what they want to see onto Ben, because he‘s a mostly empty vessel. If ABC could make a robot
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