Week 2

Season 15, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 1/10/2011
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Brad goes on his first one-on-one and group dates with the 20 remaining women, and eliminates three, bringing the pool to 17.

‘The Bachelor‘ Recap: Putting the Train in Trainwreck

WOW. The Bachelor was an overflowing bucket of nutjob tonight, wasn‘t it, you guys? Is it seriously only Week 2? I feel like I‘ve already spent months with Brad reliving his childhood traumas and hearing him work through his debilitating "commitment issues." Maybe if I was his therapist getting paid $500 an hour to listen to him reexamine his life, I‘d be fine with that, but as a lowly blogger, I must say: Brad, I‘m SPENT with your problems. Just put on your damn prince crown and play the part. I‘ve got enough on my plate without you getting into the insecurity game!
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