Week 7 (S14)

Season 14, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 2/15/2010
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Jake takes the three remaining ladies to St. Lucia for the fantasy overnight dates. After their date, each woman sends Jake a private video message before the rose ceremony.

‘The Bachelor‘ Episode 7 Live Recap: Gettin‘ Loose in St. Lucia

Good evening, Bachelor fans! I hope that you either enjoyed a relaxing day off, or, if you had to go to work today, channeled your resentment into hours of daydreaming about the two-hour half-naked make-out extravaganza that is The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Night.After all, it IS Presidents‘ Day, and the freedoms to sleep in, waste time, and watch scantily clad pretty people frolic on exotic beaches are what our founding fathers toiled so hard to earn for us, the American people.So let‘s make ‘em proud.
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