Week Two (S1)

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 4/1/2002
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First Date: Angelique, LaNease, Shannon, Kathryn, ChristinaAlex‘s first date was to Las Vegas for a night of gaming and pleasure. While playing billiards in the penthouse suite at the Venetian hotel, Angelique made a power move and asked to see Alex in private. When the other four ladies realized that Angelique was out-smarting them, they crashed the party.During dinner, Alex asked Shannon if she would go for a walk with him — in front of his other shocked dates. During their walk, Alex told Shannon he felt a connection with her.Alex and his dates then went and played Blackjack in the casino; the date with the most money after twenty minutes would get a private gondola trip down the Venetian canal with Alex. LaNease won, and as they got in the gondola, the gondolier told them that it was tradition to have a kiss under each bridge they passed under. Alex and LaNease maintained the tradition, sharing several intimate kisses.Second Date: Angela, Amy, Melissa, Amanda, TristaThe next d