I Don't Roll With The Punches, I Punch

Season 8, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/8/2005
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The families take off from their Pit Stop at Lake Powell, Arizona and receive a clue instructing them to drive to John Ford‘s Point at a Navajo park in Monument Valley, Utah. There is then a two-person Roadblock in which two members of each family must ride a helicopter to the top of Elephant Butte. They then travel to Gemini Bridges Mohad, Utah, 180 miles away. A Detour requires a choice between Drop Down or Ride Down in which they must either rappel down a cliff or take a six-mile bike ride. All families except the Weavers choose Drop Down. Later, the families participate in a second Roadblock in which one member must do a ski jump. The Pit Stop is at the Salt Like City Library, but the last team to arrive is not eliminated.