Episode 7

Season 24, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/13/2014
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‘The Amazing Race: All Stars‘ Recap: Gladiator Teams Fight for Survival in Rome

We‘re at the height of the holy Amazing Race empire, and not even Phil Keoghan can give a life-saving thumbs up to last-placing teams. Nearly everyone is neck and neck, and those who are showing signs of weaknesses have been getting their race throats slit by the dagger of stronger teams. Julius Casear ain‘t got nothing on the nefarious nature of these teams.Just as Rome eventually ditched democracy for some hard-driving autocracy, some teams needed to be left behind. It was sad, but necessary, that the perennial nice team John and Jessica got buried underneath the boots of tougher battling teams. The great gladiators are long gone, but their spirit lives on in warriors named courageous Cowboys, admirable Afghanimals and brutal Brenchel.
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