Episode 4

Season 24, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/16/2014
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‘The Amazing Race: All Stars‘ Recap: White Men Can‘t Jump, Scratch or Mi

Reality TV tends to bring out the worst in people. With the pressure of an ever-lingering camera monitoring their most intimate moments, it‘s hard not to lose your cool. Rather, it‘s encouraged. And when the Master Mix option of this leg‘s Detour is displayed, obviously the challenge is engineered to stir up these teams‘ delicate emotional cocktails, much to club goers‘ and audiences‘ delight.Teams don‘t succeed on The Amazing Race: All Stars because of their physical strength or mental superiority. It‘s the much more difficult task of keeping one‘s burning emotions and frustrations in place that enables teams to leap ahead. Internal team communication can only prove to be so helpful when teammates aren‘t even able to communicate with themselves. And as Luke‘s parade of broken glasses falls to the ground like so many countless teams‘ shattered dreams, his emotional explosion is heard by all on the dance floor and at home. And boy is it fun to watch.
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