Episode 3

Season 24, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/9/2014
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‘The Amazing Race: All Stars‘ Recap: Crashing Rafts, Missing Taxis and Dancing Globetrotters

The cultural contrast of modernized China and undeveloped Malaysian Borneo is a key theme in this leg of The Amazing Race: All Stars. But despite the seemingly polar opposite cultures of oversized Chinese wedding dress districts and festive Malaysian jungle villagers, one common issue unites these two foreign worlds and proves to be the biggest barrier to the teams‘ progression through this leg: traffic.Whether teams are rushing through crowded Chinese speedways or rafting down rock infested Malaysian rapids, unforeseen traffic is the biggest deterrent to leading teams keeping ahead and the most helpful aide to trailing teams jumping from behind. Really, these two worlds aren‘t so different, as their seemingly simple journey from A to B runs. But even as the teams navigate their way through crowded roads and choppy waters, one thing proves certain: If they don‘t even have a taxi or boat to get through the traffic, they‘re going to be in dead last.
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