We Love Your Country Already; It Is Very Spacious (Malawi)

Season 19, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 10/30/2011
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From CBS: "After falling to the back of the pack, a disheartened racer is encouraged by the spirit of the local workers, and it’s an intense foot race to the first-ever Pit Stop in Malawi."

‘The Amazing Race‘ Recap: The Things They Carried

Amani and Marcus are first to depart on a flight to Lilongwe, Africa. Bill and Cathi are somehow in second, followed by Ernie and Cindy. The first three teams are super excited. Justin and Jennifer, not so much. But the energy picks up with Andy and Tommy. Let‘s hope Laurence is in a better mood this time! Jeremy and Sandy are 8 months into dating but still "figuring out what this relationship is all about." What a promising sign.All seven teams are on the same flight to South Africa, successfully evening out the playing field yet again. The first stop is at the tobacco warehouse. Bill and Cathi are last to get away from the airport, probably because Cathi fell down some more.
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