Super Shady (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Season 19, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/13/2011
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From CBS: "The Race travels to Copenhagen for the first time, where one Racer learns the meaning of two left feet and a double U-turn jeopardizes team positions in the Race."

‘The Amazing Race‘ Recap: Turn to the Left, U-Turn to the Right

Can the professional snowboarders be stopped? Will they ever stop winning trips around the world that they could already probably afford on their own? No longer even remotely under the radar, Andy and Tommy are first to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. There, they will choose a Ford Focus and drive to Vor Freslers Kirke bell tower. The Double U-Turn is back in hopes that someone will take advantage of it this time."NO! YES!" Jeremy says in response to Copenhagen. Who know he loved Denmark so much! Ernie and Cindy are at odds with Laurence and Zac, who were being a little shady about their flight plans. Laurence and Zac try a different path, that puts them in Copenhagen at 8:30 pm. The rest of the teams will arrive at 11:00 pm or 10:35 pm. Amani and Marcus figure no one will get a sooner flight, so they just sit back and get something to eat. Ohhhhh noooooo.
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