Kindness of Strangers (Taiwan)

Season 19, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/25/2011
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From CBS: "The Emmy Award-winning ‘The Amazing Race‘ sets off for a new global adventure as Teams depart for Taipei, Taiwan. Plus, one team’s position in the game is put in serious jeopardy when they lose their passport less than an hour into the Race."

Costly Mistakes Fill the First Leg of ‘The Amazing Race 19‘

The Emmy Award-winning race is starting again! This time on The Amazing Race, Olympic snowboarders (Andy and Tommy), Survivor winners (Ethan and Jenna), and sailing record setters (Laurence and Zac) are competing! There‘s also engaged couple Ernie and Cindy, brother and sister Justin and Jennifer, married grandparents Bill and Cathi, who farm, and TWINS (remember that beer commercial?). The twins are named Liz and Marie. The classically good looking dating couple, Jeremy and Sandy, are in the race, along with domestic partners Tom and Bill (go gay couple!), NFL husband and wife Amani and Marcus, and showgirls Kaylani and Lisa filling the token hot team slot.
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