It's Speedo Time (Brussels, Belgium)

Season 19, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/20/2011
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From CBS: "After a potentially game-changing error, one team hopes for a lucky break, and donning only a Speedo for their Detour task, Racers get in touch with their inner exhibitionists."

‘The Amazing Race‘ Recap: To Travel is to Live

There‘s only five teams left, which is finally a manageable number for me! Also, we don‘t have to hear Laurence‘s complaining anymore, just Jeremy‘s. Ernie and Cindy leave first for the statue of Hans Christian Anderson. Hey, we know who that dude is!The first road block asks teams to memorize a poem, follow a map on the front wheel of the bike, then recite the poem dramatically from memory for this guy in a top hat. If it doesn‘t go well enough, they have to bike back and to it all over again. As Cindy tries to memorize the poem written beneath the statue, a tour bus unloads and ladies and their fanny packs get in the way. Just the luck!
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