I Feel Like I'm in the Circus (Bangkok, Thailand)

Season 19, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/23/2011
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From CBS: "Fearing they have broken the rules, one team takes a risk that could cost them the Race. Meanwhile, an unwanted speed bump turns into a dream excursion for Liz and Marie, but will it push them even farther back."

‘The Amazing Race‘ Recap: Details, Details

So, the teams will leave the floating city in Thailand and travel by local taxi to the river. At the river, they will travel by elephant. They have $186 for this leg. The snowboarders, as usual, are first to do/succeed at everything. They reach the Road Block, which has them listening to flute music at a waterfall and searching for a clue bag in the water. Then, they head to a shop to disassemble a Spirit House.It‘s crucial to get the fastest elephant at this point in the game. An elephant that gets lost or goes the wrong way could cost any team the race. Just kidding, elephants are slow and difficult to ride.
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