Unfinished Business Premiere

Season 18, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/20/2011
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‘The Amazing Race‘ Takes its Unfinished Business to Sydney, Australia

Eleven Amazing Race favorites re-convene in Palm Springs, California"to settle some Unfinished Business." Phil looks like he‘s lost weight, doesn‘t he? Enough about Phil, cowboys Jet and Cord are back! So are Margie and Luke, Amanda and Kris, Flight Time and Big Easy (the Harlem Globetrotters), Mel and Mike, Kent and Vyxsin, Gary and Mallory, Kisha and Jen, Ron and Christina, Jamie and Cara, and Zev and Justin. Zev and Justin promise us they remembered their passports this time.Guess what else is back! The Express Pass! Phil explains this just before he drops the bomb that their first challenge starts before they even get their first clue. Oh yes, this season will be all kinds of different! The teams will have to search through a field of paper airplanes for a clue and a spot on one of two flights. The last team to complete this challenge will get a U-Turn. Phil tells the teams to look for Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Services. QANTAS, which seems really obvious to us at home because we got to see the clue.
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