Episode 9

Season 18, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/24/2011
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‘The Amazing Race‘ And All That Cheese

I‘m so glad Gary and Mallory weren‘t eliminated last week! This week, they‘ll have to complete a Speed Bump, which I don‘t remember having seen for a while. Zev and Justin are first to depart the Villa Trapp, having won cars in the last leg. The teams will catch a train to Liechtenstein, where another Double U-Turn awaits somewhere within this leg. Flight Time and Big Easy have become flirty friends with Kisha and Jen, who I still don‘t feel like we know much about. I think I just realized last week that they‘re sisters. The cowboys are first to get out of the train, headed toward the boarder crossing at Schaanwald. Gary and Mallory lose time as their cab driver (always with the cab drivers!) checks his GPS.
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