Episode 7

Season 18, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/10/2011
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Crowded Streets and Cow Manure in Varanasi on ‘The Amazing Race‘

Last time on The Amazing Race, Margie and Luke suffered a pretty devastating defeat. Luke drank about a hundred gallons of tea before receiving their product placement clue, and couldn‘t make up the time from there. This week, they‘re still in India, and if anything, The Amazing Race always reaffirms that I don‘t think I would enjoy visiting India. Ron doesn‘t enjoy India, but Ron doesn‘t enjoy anything.Gary and Mallory got to try the new Amazing Race Snapple flavors first for their win in the last leg, and they get to depart for the Tonga Stand in Varanasi first. Which is better? Kent and Vyxsin were eliminated the last time they were in India, so they‘re hoping to make it farther this time. I love when the teams tell the people at the airport or travel agency that they‘re in a race, as though racing around the world is a totally normal thing that anyone would understand. The teams are all getting on flights that will get them in Varanasi at 10:45 a.m. except Jet and Cord, who get on a flight that arrives at 11:45. Aww!
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