Episode 5

Season 18, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/20/2011
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‘The Amazing Race‘ Delivers More Bad Luck and a Double U-Turn in China

Last week, The Amazing Race left us in suspense as Kent and Vyxsin were having the worst leg of the Race ever, and the other teams had checked in but were told they‘re still racing! They left their fanny pack (which is EVERYTHING) in the gondola! Everyone else is going back to Kunming, where a Double U-Turn awaits them. Luckily for Kent and Vyxsin, the earliest train back to Kunming is at 7:00 pm so it will tie everyone up. In a touching moment, Phil checks the goths in, and tells them about their 30-minute penalty for missing the required flight. Haven‘t they been through enough, Phil?! Regardless, they‘re still in it, and will wait their penalty out at the next pit stop, and they have elected not to tell anyone about their penalty.
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