Episode 3

Season 18, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/6/2011
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Fanny Packs and Set Backs in Tokyo on ‘The Amazing Race‘

Last week, Amanda and Kris were eliminated in Australia, leaving them with even further unfinished business. You may have missed it because of The Oscars, which were not nearly as interesting as people jumping around the outback in giant kangaroo suits. Tonight the teams are going to Tokyo, Japan! Zev and Justin are first to go to depart, but most of the teams have memories of previous challenges in Japan. Business gets finished TODAY. Mel is feeling better by the hour. Is anyone else finding themselves falling in love with Kent and Vyxsin? I was expecting not to like them but they‘re entertaining. I also (still) love Zev and Justin, who have elected to call themselves "the special kid and his friend."
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