Season 17 premier

Season 17, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/26/2010
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And They‘re Off! ‘The Amazing Race‘ Premiere

Season 17 of The Amazing Race takes off in Gloucester, MA. Right away we meet our 11 teams, Brook and Claire (the home shopping hosts), Chad and Stephanie (the fast movers), Katie and Rachel (the volleyball players), Connor and Jonathan (the Gleeks), Nat and Kat (the doctors, STAT!), Michael and Kevin (the asian sensations), Nick and Vicki (the tattooed dimwits), Ron and Tony (Broadway BFFs), Jill and Thomas (the . . . normal couple who is perfect for this show), Mallory and Gary (Miss Kentucky and Dad Kentucky), and Andie and Jenna (the biologically reunited). And our host,  Phil, who kind of looks like a vampire, but only because that‘s popular these days. 
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