Episode 7

Season 17, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/7/2010
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Not All‘s Fair on ‘The Amazing Race‘

Still in Russia, the first clue takes the Amazing Race teams to Avtovo Circus (yay)! Brook and Claire are the most excited as usual. The teams tie up until the circus opens. For the Detour, teams must choose Circus Band or Circus Clowns. For Circus Band, they learn a Russian folk song on the accordion. For Circus Clown, they will learn plate spinning. I would totally do the accordion one, but most of the teams chose plate spinning. Inside the big top (under the big top?), things are absolutely insane. Clowns are dancing, music is playing, Thomas is yelling at Jill, Chad is yelling at Stephanie. Nat and Kat chose Circus Band and created a numeric code to help them learn the songs (whoa--those doctors). Gary and Mallory are also doing well learning the music, despite it being a surprisingly long folk song. Meanwhile, plate spinning is not going well. Jill and Thomas give up and Thomas decides that accordions are "more our cup of tea." Viewers have decided that Thomas is a douche.
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