Episode 11

Season 17, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 12/5/2010
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‘The Amazing Race‘ Kicks it in South Korea

For this leg of the Amazing Race, teams find themselves on the North Korean border, where they will run into Sarah Palin, looking for our allies. I couldn‘t help it. Also, if you recall, Nick and Vicki have a six hour penalty and a Speed Bump ahead of them. Also, Nick has a terrible attitude, just when we were starting to like them again!Teams will find their next clue at the Seungil Bridge after flying to Seoul, South Korea. They are told not to cross the border--AHHH! Nat and Kat are first to leave, followed by Jill and the unfortunate Thomas, then Brook and Claire. I really want an all-female team to win this season! Brook and Claire take their chances with a booking agent at the hotel, while Jill and Thomas and Nat and Kat get on the same flight at the airport. Nat and Kat use their feminine wiles to get a guy at the airport to buy a travel book for them. Those doctors!
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