You're Like Jason Bourne, Right? (Seychelles ? Malaysia)

Season 16, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/4/2010
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Teams find that luck doesn‘t pick sides in a sweat-drenched test of endurance where they must choose to face a 153-step climb or take a 35-foot-high lesson in Chingay

‘The Amazing Race‘ Recap: Leave The Race To Your Cab Drivers

Yes, kids, the order of things on The Amazing Race just changed again.Last week things got pretty shaken up, with Brent and Caite leaving the last spot (and falling anyway) and the stronger teams finding themselves at the back of the pack. Things didn‘t stay that way this week, when teams flew to Penang, Malaysia. And I‘m not blaming it on the remoteness of the Seychelles--all six teams had to take the same 21-hour flight--but rather, I blame it on the heat. It must‘ve gotten to their heads.
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