Don't Have a Cow

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/17/2003
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Alana is going to have a Halloween Party.Eddie is already invited and Raven is mad cause Alana didn`t invite Chelse Or Rae. The two uninvited girls eat at the Chill Grill-where Alana is goin to have her party.Victor gives them burgers to eat.Chelsea(a vegitarian)dosen`t know that she is eating Rae`s burger which is meat.Rae comes up with a plan to put a spell(with the help of Viv`s spell book.) on Alana to make her invite them to the party.So the plan works except that Chelsea has dropped her No-Cow pin into the potion.Now they see that they have Cow Ears,they freak and look for the book that Eddie used for his costume.Now what will they do?Try to get the book back at the party as cows?Meanwhile,Willam(Cory`s friend)&Cory are goin trick of treating without Victor leaving him alone.