Wolf's Bane

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 7/25/2011
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Jackson has a dangerous revelation; Allison questions her family‘s strange behavior.

‘Teen Wolf‘ Recap: The Best of ‘Wolf‘s Bane‘

Here‘s your five best moments from tonight‘s episode of Teen Wolf, "Wolf‘s Bane." Derek‘s a fugitive now for humans and hunters. The creepy chemistry teacher isn‘t Alpha, but is associated with Alpha. Jackson is hallucinating nightmare stuff again, in his sleep and at the doctor‘s. Jackson has wolf‘s bane poisoning? Jackson figures out Scott‘s a werewolf; he blackmails Scott to make him a werewolf or else he will make the moves on Alison. Alison can‘t trust Scott anymore and can‘t be friends with him. The Hale House fire is heavily hinted to be an Argent woman. But none of this is important since Alpha is revealed to be Derek‘s previously paralyzed uncle!
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