Starry Night

Season 1, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 1/3/2012
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Bay gets a peek at what her life would be like with her biological parents.

‘Switched at Birth‘ Recap: Wilke Comes Into the Picture

Okay, Switched at Birth fans, it‘s time for your winter premier recap. Yes, it‘s true -- the show finally came back on tonight. Here‘s what you missed if you weren‘t able to grab some time on the couch.On the Horizon of AwkwardnessAngelo, Bay and Regina all headed out for a night out at the fab jazz club only to find themselves surrounded by awkwardness. Totally expected, of course, because Regina is still raging mad at Angelo for leaving when she was so young. Bay actually made a confession of her lovey-dovey life with Emmett while Regina and Angelo totally butted heads regarding Regina‘s crazy-serious drinking problems.
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